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Explorations in Social Studies 11
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Social Studies
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The goal of Explorations in Social Studies 11 is to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to become and active informed citizen of Canada. This course has four modules that each focus on a different topic: BC First Peoples, Law Studies Physical Geography and World History. You will create deep understandings of the issues by developing your own hypothesis, solutions and conclusions. The course has four modules and each module has 4 sections, 4 assignments, 4 quizzes, 1 learning guide, one project and one test. There is no final exam in this course.
Socials Studies 10
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Module 1 – BC First Peoples – step back and take a broad look at the history of B.C. and the people who have lived here for about 150, 000 years.
Module 2 – Law Studies – You will be introduced to the underlying concepts of Canadian law with which every Canadian citizen should be familiar.
Module 3 – Physical Geography – learn about the biomes of the earth and their changing climate and air quality.
Module 4 – World history – Learn how the major developments of the 20th century led to the proliferation of communication and transportation technologies.