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Foundations of Mathematics 11
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Foundations of Mathematics 11 is a designed to provide students with core mathematics skills essential for areas such as the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Areas of study will include inductive and deductive reasoning, properties of angles and triangles, non-right angled trigonometry, linear inequalities systems, quadratic functions and equations, and proportional and statistical reasoning. This course is designed to further develop your math skills in the area of logic, geometry (angles & triangles), statistics, linear equations, quadratics and proportional reasoning. The course is designed away from pure "number crunching" to a real-life context. Many of the questions will involve solving problems that students may encounter later in life depending on their future pursuits and experiences.
Pre-Calculus and Foundations Mathematics 10
Online course materials and Optional Foundations of Mathematics 11 Textbook
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Course Modules
Module 1: Section 1 – Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Section 2 – Properties of Angles and Triangles
Module 2: Section 3 – Acute Angle Trigonometry
Section 4 – Obtuse Angle Trigonometry
Module 3: Section 5 – Statistical Reasoning
Section 6 – Systems of Linear Inequalities
Module 4: Section 7 – Quadratic Functions and Equations
Section 8 – Proportional Reasoning