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FVDES Scholarship / Bursary Information


*** Deadline to apply: February 14, 2017 ***


1.    Craven-Huston-Powers Architecture Scholarship ($500.00)

- Awarded to a top student interested in pursuing a career in Architecture or Landscape Architecture. Proof of full-time registration in post-secondary institution is a requirement. UPDATED


2.    Hobby Hill Preschool Sue Miller Memorial Bursary ($250.00)

 - Academic standing and volunteer contributions within the community. Student must have attended Hobby Hill preschool and be pursuing a post-secondary education. UPDATED


3.    Agriculture Award from the Chilliwack Corn Maze ($250.00)

- To quaify a student must be pursuing a post-secondary education in agriculture or from an agriculture background. Two-year timeline to collect this award. UPDATED


4.    Tycrop Education Award (Four $500.00 Awards)

- Eligible applicant is a graduating high school student who has not reached the age of twenty-five at the time of application and will be recognized for excellence in Trades, Engineering, Business or Marketing. A cover letter, which includes and outline of the applicant’s career objectives and how it relates to financial award. A letter of recommendation from the school made on the basis of financial need, work ethic, community involvement or academic standing. A short essay on a topic chosen annually and a resume. Applicant must attend full-time post-secondary education, one-year timeline to collect award.


5Chilliwack-Fraser Rotary Club Leadership Through Service Award ($2500.00)


- Eligible applicant must reside in Chilliwack and be proceeding to full-time studies at a post-secondary institution (Not limited to colleges and universities). Some criteria will be has the applicant shown a pro-active desire to follow Rotary principals such as "service above self", has the applicant participated in community service, has the student participated in providing service to their schools, and has the applicant committed to their education (reflective through outstanding grades).


6. Harris and Co. Law 12 Scholarship ($200.00)

- Scholarship is available for a Law 11/12 student who excelled in their course of study. If the school district you reside in does not offer Law 12, you may deisgnate an alternate course. The scholarship must be used to pursue post-secondary education at a recognized Instituion, College or University. 


7. Graham McCulloch Memorial Bursary ($250.00)

- Awarded to a student based on their submiited essay assignment. The essay topic is road safety. Please see the application package for more information.


8. Chillwack Dogwood Monarch Lions Bursary ($1000.00)

- Applicants must be planning on attending a trade school after graduating. 


9. Promontory Heights Elementary Community School Association ($500.00)

- Applicants must have attended Promontory Elementary student planning to attend a post-secondary education. They must have demonstrated good citizenship and community involvement. Applicants must write a 2-page letter explaining how they've shown good citizenship and community involvement.


10. Optimist Club of Chilliwack Bursary ($500.00)

- Applicant should preferably be a son/daughter of a Chilliwack Optimist Club member. If not, the bursary may be awarded to a student active in volunteerring with youth in the community, demonstarted good citizenship and community involvement. Applicant must e  a full-time FVDES student enrolled in 16 credits of course work in the current school year, which began July 1, 2014 and eligible to graduate in June 2015. Student must also be planning to pursue post-secondary school and award must be used within a one-year period.


11. Soroptimist International of Chilliwack Award ($1000.00)

- Applicant must be a female student in financial need, furthering her education at a recognized post-secondary institution. Emphasis placed on volunteer work in the community. 


12. Chilliwack Teachers Association Bursary ($750.00)

- Applicant must express an interest in getting a BC Public School teaching certificate, they must have good academic standing, and prefernce will be given to immediate family members of the CTA.


13. Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee Bursary (up to $3500.00)

- Applicant must be a Gr. 12 Aboriginal student and is continuing on to post-secondary schooling. The applicant must have attained a C+ average, demonstrated good citizenship, service, and personal determination and work ethic in community and school. Please read bursary guidelines for futher criteria.


14. Jaymie-Lynn Robertson Memorial ($1000.00)

- Applicant must write a 200-250 word essay/story of how epilipsy directly affects them or has affected a close family member/friend. Please see award guidelines for further criteria.


15. Lloyd Trenmer Memorial Scholarship - Ind. Order of Odd Fellows ($1000.00)

- This scholarship will be based on the student's financial need and their academic standing during their high school years.


16. Bill Dyble Memorial Scholarship - Ind. Order of Odd Fellows ($1000.00)

- This scholarship will be based on the student's financial need and their academic standing during their high school years.


17. Big Brothers / Big Sisters of the Fraser Valley Award ($500.00)

- Applicant must have an association with either the Big Brothers / Big Sisters. They must also show proof of registration at a post-secondary institution and write a leter requesting the funds.


18. Joanne Stoutjesdyk Memorial Scholarship - Chwk Academy of Music ($400.00)

- Applicant must show proof of registration at a post-secondary institution by Oct. 31, 2015. See scholarship guidelines for more information.


19. 89.5 The Drive - Post-Secondary Music Scholarship ($1500.00)

- Applicant must show proof of registration at a post-secondary institution by Oct. 31, 2015. Post-secondary education must be musically centered. They must have shown leadership within the school and community, and will complete a personal interview (if required).


20. Lois Boschman Memorial Bursary ($500.00)

- Applicant must have been a member of the Fraser Valley Dragon boat club for 2+ years and they plan on persuing post-secondary education after graduation. The bursary is awarded on the basis of community service, sportsmanship, and leadership qualities. A 250-500 word essay is required. The topic: What have I learned from a seat in the boat.


21. Chilliwack District & Bar Association Scholarship ($1,250.00)

- See scholarship guidelines for more information.


22. Soprema Inc. Chiliwack Bursary ($1000.00)

Award Guidelines: Student must be heading into post-secondary with aspirations of drafting, CAD, Robotics, Automation, etc. For additional application info please see scholarship guidelines.


23. Margaret Davis Memorial Award ($500.00)

Award Guidelines: Student must be hard of hearing by providing copy of the most recent audiogram with application. 


24. Mick Lewis Honorary Award ($1000.00)

Award Guidelines: Student must have volunteered w/ seniors. Written assignment must accompany application.


25. Chilliwack Metis Association Bursary ($500.00)

Award Guideines: Minimiun C+ average, student must be heading to post-secondary, and demonstrated good service, citizenship, personal determination, and work ethic in school and the community.


26. NEW AWARD!!!! Ina Tutte Memorial Bursary ($500.00)

Award Guidelines: A female graduate of the Chilliwack School District attending University to pursue a career as a pharmacist.


27. NEW AWARD!!! John Tutte Memorial Bursary ($500.00)

Award Guidelines: A graduate of SD33 attending University to pursue a career in Physical Fitness. Community involevment in a volunteer/leadership capacity is required.


28. NEW AWARD!!!Education Award: Trades ($500.00)

Award Guidelines: Student is entering a trades program at a post-secondary institution. 750 word essay must accompany application.


29. NEW AWARD!!! CVPPA Scholarship ($1500.00) 

Award Guidelines: Leadership / School Service + Good Academic Standing 


30. NEW AWARD!!!! Hedley Graham ($500.00)

Award Guidelines: Student must have a learning disabilty, strong work ethic and necessity(need) to fund their post-secondary education.



Chilliwack Foundation Scholarships available to FVDES students:

[Download the Chilliwack Foundation Scholarship application from the FVDES Scholarship page]


1.    F. Clifford Brown Scholarship

- Clifford Brown established the first scholarship fund with the Chilliwack Foundation. He was deeply committed to post-secondary education and wanted to offer prestigious scholarships to graduating students in the Chilliwack area. These scholarships are granted to top academic students with distinguished secondary school careers.


2.    B.C. Summer Games Legacy Award

- The Board of Directors of the B.C. Summer Games, held in Chilliwack in 1993, established this scholarship fund at the conclusions of the games to honor graduating students who have given exceptional service to their community, maintained a high academic standing and demonstrated real leadership skills.


3.    Luscombe / Von Bylburg Award

- Lori Luscombe and Kathleen Von Bylburg were chosen as Miss Chilliwack and Miss Greenheart in 1984 to represent our community as goodwill ambassadors throughout the province. En route to an event in the Okanagan, their airplane crashed and both young women were killed. The District of Chilliwack established this award fund to honor their memory and to reward graduating students wuth an exemplary history of community service and a good academic standing.


4.    Jack Williams Memorial Award

- Jack Williams, a prominent member of the Chilliwack business community, bequeathed funds to the Chilliwack Foundation in his will. These awards are given to recognize graduating students who have had distinguishing secondary school careers.


5.    Bowes Education Award

- Mr. Edward Bowes, a prominent member of the Chilliwack business community, wished to remember the community in a meaningful way. He bequeathed this fund for the provision of scholarships to assist in any type of educational endeavor; not limited to colleges or universities, but also to extend to technical schools and other similar education training institutions.


6.    John and Joy Helders Performing Arts Award

- The Heldes established this fund with the Foundation to provide annual awards to graduates pursuing post-secondary studies. Special consideration will be given to students enrolling in Fine Arts program


7.    Frank George Memorial Award

- Frank George left a bequest to the Foundation in order to establish funds in perpetuity that will provide bursaries to outstanding graduates pursuing post secondary education


8.    Don Urquhart McGillivray Memorial

-  Mrs. Beth Little left a bequest which is named in honor of her father. This scholarship is to be awarded to graduates to assist in the pursuit of a post-secondary education.

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