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The Fraser Valley Distance Education School Apprenticeship and Work Experience Programs include students and schools from throughout British Columbia.


The FVDES Work Experience program offers students a unique opportunity to work in local businesses and industry as part of their school day and course work. Work Experience is a supervised and monitored program that includes a combination of paid or unpaid work along with some course work and assignments.


Some of the benefits that the work experience program offers include the following:

  • Developing skills and knowledge of an occupation
  • Helping to determine future career choices
  • Creating local contacts and references
  • Creating future employment opportunities
  • Gaining job experience and portfolio additions
  • Increasing safety awareness (WorkSafe)
  • Connecting the classroom with the world of work
  • Gaining knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful in the world of work
  • Learning behaviour standards in the workplace


The primary goal of Work Experience is to help students prepare for the transition from secondary school to the world of work. Through work experience, students have the opportunity to observe and practice generic employability skills required in the workplace. Students can earn up to 8 credits towards their Grade 12 graduation or 4 credits towards the completion of an Adult Dogwood.


Work Experience Program Highlights:


The FVDES Work Experience program is divided into two separate courses, Work Experience 12A and 12B.  Each course requires students to complete between 90 and 120 hours of practical work experience. In addition, students are required to complete up to 30 hours of related course work.


FVDES Apprenticeship Program

The FVDES Apprenticeship Program allows students to get an early start on a career by focusing on an apprenticeable trade.

Example trades include:

  • Mechanic (automotive / heavy duty)
  • Chef
  • Electrician
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • And many more!


Benefits to the Student:

  • All hours worked in the trade count as apprenticeable hours
  • Students start focusing on career goals
  • Students receive course credit for work done on the job site. For every 120 hours worked, students receive 4 credits up to a maximum of 16 credits (in addition to 2 credits for the introductory course)
  • Scholarship opportunity - graduate with a C+ average in Grade 12 plus 1100 hours trade experience to become eligible for a $1000 scholarship
  • An opportunity to earn a good income 

Benefits to the Employer:

  • Train today's youth to meet your needs
  • Attract outstanding students who have an interest in an apprenticeable trade and have a proper work attitude
  • Assure yourself a supply of skilled workers
  • Get students who are willing to make a commitment to a trade
  • A government-sponsored technical program - with no tuition, books, or material costs for employers


A full list of apprenticeable trades and information on Red Seal Trades in British Columbia is available via the ITABC website at


Commonly Asked Apprenticeship Questions Which Trades are Apprenticeable?

How Does Technical Training Work for the High School Apprentice?
Technical training may take place before or after graduation. Students must schedule their own training with an ITA designated training facility. Students are expected to pay for tuition, books, and materials. Training takes approximately 3 to 10 weeks each year.


How Does an Employer Get Involved?
Please call the FVDES Trades and Career Advisor for more information about apprenticeship agreements. An apprenticeship agreement confirms the intent of the employer to provide practice on-the-job training and to evaluate performance. Wages are minimum wage or greater.


Who Can Enroll In the FVDES Work Experience and Apprenticeship Programs?
Students fifteen (15) years and older, attending high school, and working in a trade on part time basis are eligible to apply to the program. Any students from any public and independent school in British Columbia can enroll in these Work Experience and Apprenticeship programs. FVDES also works in partnership with schools and school districts in the province to develop customized programs that work in concert with local needs. All required courses are offered in both print and online formats to match the individual needs of each student.


For Further Information:


If you are an interested student, parent, school or school district and need more information on the FVDES Apprenticeship and Work Experience programs please contact. (including School or school district partnership enquiries)


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