Physics 12 Paper

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Physics 12 Paper
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J Templeton
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This course has two components:

• a basic component using text and print material only

• a video component


Students should ignore any reference in the course material to a Provincial Exam, as the
Ministry of Education removed this requirement in Sept 2011.


It is recommended that students complete: Grade 10
Physics 11 and Principles of Mathematics 11 or equivalent
Students who have not completed Math 12 are strongly urged to take Math 12 concurrently with Physics 12.
No. Exams: 
Proctored Exams: 

Physics: Principles with Applications (Giancoli) (Pearson Education) (5th edition) 

Physics 12 Student Laboratory Manual (Ministry of Ed.) (1985 edition)

Physics 12 Supplement 


Supplies provided by students:

* transparent metric ruler

* protractor

* geometry set (useful but not required)


A scientific calculator is required. It may be a graphing calculator and it may be programmable, although the course and exams do not make any use of these features. The calculator must NOT have a QWERTY keyboard, nor any external devices like memory cards or a printer.


Students who do not have access to the video tapes/VCR and/or laboratory will require the Physics 12 Supplement. This supplement is a “bare bones” summary of the course labs and the video tapes.


No. Modules: 
Course Modules: 

Module 1: Linear Motion and Energy

Section 1: One-Dimensional Kinematics; Falling Bodies; Graphical Analysis of Linear Motion

Section 2: Addition and Subtraction of Vectors; Navigation; Projectile Motion; the Vector Nature of Acceleration

Section 3: Vector Dynamics; the Force of Gravity; Force as a Vector Quantity; The Inclined Plane

Section 4: Momentum and Impulse; Impulse; Oblique Collisions; Solving Problems Related to Momentum; Impulse; and the Conservation of Momentum

Section 5: Development of Energy; Energy: Types of Transformations; Conservation of Energy; Power; Momentum and Kinetic Energy in Collisions

Section 6: Equilibrium; The Equilibrant, Dynamic Equilibrium


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2: Circular Motion and Electricity

Section 7: Rotational Equilibrium; Investigation 4: Equilibrium of a Loaded Beam; Conditions for Equilibrium; Solving Equilibrium Problems

Section 8: Circular Motion; Video: Moving in Circles; Investigation 5: Circular Motion; Centripetal Force; Kepler’s Laws Describing Planetary Motion

Section 9: Newton’s Law of Gravitation; Gravitational Potential Energy; Video: Falling Bodies; Video: The Apple and the Moon; Video: Navigating in Space

Section 10: Electrostatics; Investigation 7; Coulomb’s Law; Electric Field

Section 11: Electric Potential Energy; Potential Difference Between Two Parallel Plates; Investigation 8: Deflection of an Electron Beam by an Electric Field; Electric Deflection; Circuitry

Section 12: Electric Current; Kirchhoff’s Rules; Ohm’s Law; Investigation 9: Series and Parallel Circuits; Analyzing Circuits


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3: Electricity and Magnetism

Section 13: Electric Circuits; How Ammeters and Voltmeters are Used; The Potential Divider; A Review of Magnetism and Magnetic Fields

Section 14: Electromagnetism; The Current Balance; Deflection of an Electron Beam by a Magnetic Field; Magnetic Deflection of an Electron Beam

Section 15: The Mass of an Electron; Meters; Electric Motors; The Strength of Magnetic Fields; Definition of the Ampere From Measured Quantities

Section 16: Electromagnetic Induction; Magnetic Flux; The Electric Generator; Investigation 13; Motors, Transformers. and the Transmission of Power

Section 17: Review; Equilibrium, Circular Motion, and Gravitation; Electrostatics and Circuitry; Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, and Inquiry


Module 3 Test covers the WHOLE COURSE.

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