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English 12 First Peoples Online
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S Stetar
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School District No. 33 Aboriginal Education Committee, Stó:lō Nation, and Fraser Valley Distance Education School offers this distance learning course for Aboriginal and non Aboriginal learners.  This course, “…represents an invitation to all learners to explore and discover First Peoples world views through the study of literacy, informational First Peoples content”1

“ English 12 First Peoples is the academic equivalent of English 12.  The course is designed to enable student to develop English language and literacy skills and capabilities they must have in order to meet the British Columbia’s graduation requirements.”2

This course has a graduation program examination worth 40% of the final course mark.  All students taking English First People 12 are required to write the examination in order to receive credit for this course.


1   English 10-12 brochure-Ministry of Education           2   BC Curriculum guide


English 11 or English 11 First Peoples
Supervised Exams: 

Monkey Beach $20.00

You Are Asked to Witness $30.00

Truth About Stories $20.00

Whale Rider (DVD) $40.00

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Course Modules: 

Module 1: You Are Asked to Witness

Section 1.1: Reading Strategies

Lesson 1.1A: Reading Strategies

Lesson 1.1B: Critical Reading

Lesson 1.1C: Applying Your Reading Skills

Lesson 1.1D: Applying Reading Strategies

Lesson 1.1E: Reading Strategies Summary

Section 1.2: Writing Strategies

Lesson 1.2A: Essay Writing

Lesson 1.2B: Comparison Essay

Lesson 1.2C:  Writing Paragraphs

Lesson 1.2D: Transitions & Quotations

Section 1.3: Essay Writing

Lesson 1.3A: Style of Paragraph

Lesson 1.3B: Finishing Touches


Module 2: Monkey Beach

Section 2.1: The Novel

Lesson 2.1A: Parts of a Novel

Lesson 2.1B: Long Answer Questions

Lesson 2.1C: Vocabulary Development

Lesson 2.1D: Paragraph Writing- A Review

Section 2.2: The Novel (cont.)

Lesson 2.2A: Context Clues

Lesson 2.2B: Enhancing your Writing

Lesson 2.2C:  Vocabulary Development- Novel Elements

Lesson 2.2D: Character Study

Section 2.3: The Novel (cont.)

Lesson 2.3A: The Author

Lesson 2.3B: In Search of the Elusive Sasquatch

Lesson 2.3C: The Land of the Dead


Module 3: Oral Tradition & Story Telling

Lesson 3.1A: The Truth About Stories

Lesson 3.1B: Personal Experience and Storytelling

Lesson 3.1C: “Let Me Entertain You” – A Story of Survival?

Section 3.2: Oral Tradition and Story Telling Part II

Lesson 3.2A: “A Million Porcupine Crying in the Dark”

Lesson 3.2B: “What Is It About Us That You Don’t Like?”

Lesson 3.2C: Afterwards ‘Private Stories’

Lesson 3.2D:  Developing Thesis Statements


Module 4: Poetry, Drama & Song

Section 4.1: Whale Rider

Lesson 4.1A: Assessing Paragraph Answers

Lesson 4.1B: Active Viewing

Lesson 4.1C: Looking Ahead

Lesson 4.1D: Deleted Scenes & Film Review

Send-In Assignment 4.1

Section 4.2: Poetry

Lesson 4.2A: Poetic Devices

Lesson 4.2B: Other Poetic Techniques

Lesson 4.2C: Types of Poems

Lesson 4.2D: Poetry Interpretation

Send-In Assignment 4.2

Section 4.3: Poetry

Lesson 4.3A: Format for Critical Analysis of Poetry

Lesson 4.3B: Outline

Lesson 4.3C: First Draft

Send-In Assignment 4.3


Module 5: Provincial Exam Preparation

Section 1.1: Exam Preparation

1.1A: Practice Provincial Examination

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