Planning 12 Paper

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Planning 12 Paper
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S Halischuk
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Planning 12 is designed to help students make educated decisions, develop their skills in goal setting, planning, assessing information, and explore career and educational opportunities.


The course consists of four modules and two core resources.  Module descriptions are listed below.  The core resources focus on the processes of decision-making and finding information, and are only available on CD-ROM.


Proctored Exams: 

Horizons 2000+ Career Studies

The Game of Life CD (Windows version only)

Media CD 

Credit and Credit Cards DVD 

   (or optional Video)

Teen Files: The Truth About Body DVD

   (or optional Video)

Home Facilitator’s Guide 


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Course Modules: 

Unit1 Module 2: Future Destinations

Section 1: Building Career Self-Awareness

Section 2: Setting Personal Goals


Unit2 Module 3: Ground Work

Section 1: Exploring Support Networks

Section 2: Exploring the Labour Market

Section 3: Preparing for an Employment Search

Section 4: Keeping That Job

Section 5: Module Assessment:  Transitions


Unit3 Module 4: Money, Money, Money

Section 1: My Money Awareness

Section 2: Increasing Financial Literacy

Section 3: Taking Care of Money

Section 4: Developing a Personal Financial Plan(no send-in assignment)

Section 5: Module Assessment:  My Financial Plan


Unit4 Module 5: Alive and Well

Section 1: Your Well-being

Section 2: Sex, Drugs, and Decisions

Section 3: Healthy Relationships

Section 4: So You Want to Drive

Section 5: Module Assessment: Healthy Lifestyle Decisions


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