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English 11 Online
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S Stetar
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English 11 Online continues to build upon the skills and knowledge of previous English courses. Students will study short prose and poetry, and deepen their understanding of literary concepts and devices. Students will read a novel and a Shakespearian drama (Macbeth), as well as explore issues in media and advertising. Writing will be an important part of the course, with particular emphasis placed upon complex paragraphs and essays.

English 10 is strongly recommended
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The following resources are
required for this course:

Module 3:
Lord of the Flies 

Module 4:
Tragedy of Macbeth
(text: The Folger Edition)

Macbeth (BBC DVD)

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Course Modules: 

Module 1:  Communication in all
its many forms: reading, writing, speaking and                          comprehending.  It has four

Section 1 - Active reading, strategies for critical reading and thinking,
effective                          communication and group process
Section 2 - Process of
researching and writing a research report

Section 3 - Short stories and
narrative poems (review of elements of fiction)
Section 4 - Critically
evaluate and respond to work of fiction as well as write and recite a speech

You will also write a test
at the end of Module 1.

Module 2:  Poetry and Prose

1 – Responding to poetry, imagery and symbolism, figurative language and sound
Section 2 – Forms of poetry, rhyme, rhythm and scansion, interpreting poetry,
sonnets, writing poetry, interpreting poetry

The test for Module 2 is
written in conjunction with Module 3 after you have completed both Module 2 and
Module 3.

Module 3:  Novel Study (Lord
of the Flies

1 – Part 1 of the novel study
Section 2 – Part 2 of the novel study

The test for Module 2 and
Module 3 is written once you have completed both Module 2 and Module 3.

Module 4:  The Tragedy of

1 – Introduction to Shakespeare's Macbeth
Section 2 – The Demise of Macbeth
Section 3 – Interpreting a Shakespearean Tragedy

You will also write a
test at the end of Module 4.

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