Math 11 Foundations Online

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Math 11 Foundations Online
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D Miller
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Foundations of Mathematics (11 and 12) is a pathway designed to provide students with the mathematical understanding and critical-thinking skills identified for post-secondary studies in programs (i.e. business, arts, music and nursing) that do not require the study of theoretical calculus.  


Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10.
No. Exams: 
Supervised Exams: 
  • math text book: Foundations of Mathematics 11
  • math resources book: Theories and Problems for Foundations and
    Mathematics 11 (included with math text book)
  • pens, pencils, eraser
  • binder with lined paper (to take notes, show work for long questions
    and problems, contain printed marked quizzes, assignments and practice tests)
  • Ti-84 calculator (can be leased from FVDES with a deposit - all
    money refunded upon return)
  • access to computer and internet (Firefox browser)
No. Modules: 
Course Modules: 

Course Topics

Module 1: 

Section 1 – Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Section 2 – Properties of Angles and Triangles

Module 2: 

Section 3 – Acute Angle Trigonometry
Section 4 – Obtuse Angle Trigonometry

Module 3: 

Section 5 – Statistical Reasoning
Section 6 – Systems of Linear Inequalities

Module 4: 

Section 7 – Quadratic Functions and Equations
Section 8 – Proportional Reasoning

Final Exam


Assessment Strategies:

  • *Online Practice Quizzes: approx' one for every
    lesson; assesses student's understanding of the lesson which student then
  • Guided Practice text book assignments 
    (student completes work and self-assesses using answer key at back of text
  • *Quizzes: approx' one for every lesson; assesses
    student's completion and understanding of the Guided Practice assignment
    for one lesson;
  • *Assignments: assess student for one section;
    student completes assignment in yellow pages at back of book, then enters
    the answers through moodle quiz
  • *Practice Tests: student completes online (longer
    and harder than a section test)
  • *Section Tests: final assessment for a section

* indicates that these are completed online through a program called Moodle Quiz.  Student
uses Firefox as the internet browser.  Questions are online (can be written down on paper) completed and then answer selected or entered online.  It has auto-save so all answers are automatically saved. 
Student can quit the program at any time (except tests), log off and then log in and continue from anywhere and continue an unlimited number of times.  Upon completion student selects "Finish attempt..."  and "Submit all and finish". Student will immediately receives a grade.  Student can select "Show all questions one page" in top right corner.  Student can then review all the questions, corrections, and feedback (step by step how-to).




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