Math 11 Pre-Calculus Online

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Math 11 Pre-Calculus Online
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D Miller
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This pathway is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into post-secondary programs that require the study of theoretical calculus.  Topics include algebra, number, relations and functions and trigonometry.  The seven mathematical processes, including communication, connections, mental mathematics and estimation, problem solving, technology and visualization, are interwoven throughout the mathematical topics.

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Pre-Calculus 11 Textbook $100

Theory & Problems for Pre-Calculus 11 $40

Graphing Calculator (Students may provide their own calculator)

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Section 1: Sequences and Series

Lesson A: Arithmetic Sequences

Lesson B: Arithemetic Series

Assignment 1.1 (Registration assignment): Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Lesson C: Geometric Sequences

Lesson D: Geometric Series

Lesson E: Infinite Geometric Series

Assignment 1.2: Geometric Sequences and Series

Practice Test 1

Section 1 Test

Section 2: Trigonometry

Lesson A: Angles in Standard position

Lesson B: Trigometric Ratios of any angle

Lesson C: Solving Right Angle Triangles

Assignment 2.1: Trigonometry Right Angle Triangles

Lesson D: Sine Law for Non-Right Angle Triangles

Lesson E: Cosine Law for Non-Right Angle Triangles

Assignment 2.2: Non-Right Angle Triangles problems

Practice Test 2

Section 2 Test

Section 3: Quadratic Functions

Lesson A: Quadratics in Vertex Form

Lesson B: Quadratics in Standard Form

Assignment 3.1: Graphing and Working with Quadratics

Lesson C: Completing the Square

Assignment 3.2: Quadratics

Practice Test 3

Section 3 Test

Section 4: Solving Quadratic Equations

Lesson A: Graphing to Solve Quadratic Equations

Lesson B: Using Factoring to Solve Quadratic Equations

Assignment 4.1: Graphing and Factoring Assignment

Lesson C: Solving Quadratics using Completing the Square

Lesson D: Solving Quadratics using the Quadratic Formula

Assignment 4.2: Solving Quadratics

Practice Test 4

Section 4 Test

Section 5: Radical Expressions

Lesson A: Simplifying Radical Expressions

Lesson B: Addition and Subtraction of Radical Expressions

Assignment 5.1: Radical Expressions

Lesson C: Multiplication of Radical Expressions Part 1

Lesson D: Multiplication of Radical Expressions Part 2

Lesson E: Solving Radical Expressions

Assignment 5.2: Radical Expressions

Practice Test 5

Section 5 Test

Section 6 Rational Expressions and Equations

Lesson A: Simplifying Rational Expressions

Lesson B: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Assignment 6.1: Rational Expression Part 1

Lesson C: Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions

Lesson D: Solving Rational Equations

Assignment 6.2: Rational Expressions and Equations

Practice Test 6

Section 6 Test

Section 7: Absolute and Reciprocal Functions

Lesson A: Absolute Value

Lesson B: Absolute value Functions

Lesson C: Absolute Value Equations

Assignment 7.1 Absolute Values

Lesson D Reciprocal Functions

Assignment 7.2 Reciprocal Functions

Practice Test 7

Section 7 Test

Section 8: Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Lesson A: Solving Systems of Equations Graphically

Assignment 8.1: Solving Systems Graphically

Lesson B: Solving Systems of Equations algebraically

Assignment 8.2: Solving Systems  Algebraically

Practice Test 8

Section 9: Inequalities

Lesson A: Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Lesson B: Quadratics Inequalities in One Variable

Assignment 9.1: Linear inequalities and Quadratic in One Variable Inequalities

Lesson C: Quadratic Inequalities in Two Variables

Assignment 8.2: Quadratic Inequalites (Both One and Two Variable)

Practice Test 9

Section 9 Test

Final Exam 


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