English 11 Paper

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English 11 Paper
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A Mummery
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This course is a revised version of English 11, version 05.  Students at FVDES are required to complete modules 1, 3 and 4 of this course.  Each of the 3 modules is built up of a combination of lessons, section assignments, and a module test.


Is is recommended that students complete: English 10
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Module1 Resources:

Module 1 Source File

Poetry Alive: Reflections (Addison-Wesley)

Media CD

Workbook: Writing on the Run             

Optional CD: Writing on the Run


Module3 Resources:

Lord of the Flies

Poetry Alive: Reflections

Media CD

Workbook: Writing on the Run             

Optional CD: Writing on the Run


Module4 Resources:

Macbeth (Folger edition)

Macbeth DVD, BBC version

Media CD

Workbook: Writing on the Run        

Optional CD: Writing on the Run


No. Modules: 
Course Modules: 

Facts and Fiction

Section1:     Informational Text:  Active Reading; Critical Reading; Applying Critical Reading Skills; Group Process

Section2:    Research Reports:  Research Report; Finding a Focus; Sources of Information; Evaluating Sources; Taking Research Notes; The First Draft; The Final Draft

Section3:    Elements of Fiction:  The Basics; Setting, Character, and Point of View; Theme and Conflict; Style; Creative Writing

Section4:    Responding to Literature:  Response to Literature; Formal Speech; Practice Makes Perfect


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module3: Poetry and Prose:  Lord of the Flies

Section1:    Playing with Words:  Personal Responses to Poetry; Imagery and Symbolism; Figurative Language; Sound

Section2:    Rules of the Game:  Discussing Form Free and Formal Verse; Sonnets; Interpreting Poetry; Writing an Interpretive

Section3:    A Darker Side of Childhood – Parts One and Two:  Another Time and Place; A New Beginning; New Life, Old Life; Character Sketch; Interpreting Narrative

Section4:    Lord of the Flies – Parts Three and Four:  The Beast Within; The Final Collapse; Interpretive Composition; Test Preparation


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.


Module4:  The Tragedy of Macbeth

Section1:    Shakespeare’s Macbeth:  Introduction
to Shakespeare; Elements of Shakespearean Tragedy; Elizabethan English; Irony and Soliloquy

Section2:    Macbeth’s Demise:  Comic Relief and Poetic Devices; Climax and Hubris; Poetic Justice

Section3:    Interpreting a Shakespearean Tragedy:  Interpreting Nonverbal Cues; Sound and Image; The Eye of the Camera


Module 4 Test covers the work of Module 4.


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