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Communications 12 Online
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S Stetar
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Communications 12 online is a continuation of Communications 11 online and is designed to help students continue to improve their communication skills. In addition,practical skills for reading and writing are further developed. Skills taught are typically used in every day life, school and the workplace. Students who take Communications are not usually planning to attend University though they often go into programs at a College or Technical School.

Communications 11 is strongly recommended
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Module 1:
Writing Basics and Reading
1.1: Listening
Section 1.2: The basics: Reading and Writing (*5% complete)
Section 1.3: Paragraph Writing
Section 1.4: Expanding Your Writing: Multi-paragraph, Essay and Descriptive

Module 1 Test


Module 2: Expository
Writing and Persuasive Writing
2.1: Expository Writing
Section 2.2: Good Writing, Commas, Looking at Persuasive Writing
Section 2.3: Media writing, noun-pronoun agreement, dangling modifiers,
Section 2.4: Persuasive Writing

Module 2 Test


Module 3: Narrative
Writing and Short Stories

Section 3.1: Narrative Writing, Short Stories and Word use

Section 3.2: Elements of Short Stories and Short Story Concepts

Section 3.3: Story Maps (**70% complete)

Section 3.4: Poetry

Module 3 Test


Module 4: Letters, Resumes and Visual Design

Section 4.1: Business Letters

Section 4.2: Cover Letters and Resumes

Section 4.3: Visual Design

Section 4.4: Course Review


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