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Accounting 11 Online
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B Chirico
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This course will cover the essentials of accounting, using the double-entry method utilized by all businesses to track money. While most introductory courses have traditionally utilized a paper and pencil approach prior to utilizing accounting software, this course is unique. Excel templates will be utilized which automate a lot of the arithmetic, making it easier for students to learn the concepts instead of trying to find small errors. Accounting is a fundamental aspect of every business from retail stores, restaurants, and heavy industrial occupations to movie productions, professional sport teams and the music industry.

Grade 10
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Text: Accounting 1 - Syme & Ireland
Detailed up-to-date online Notes

* Must have Microsoft Excel installed on student's computer (part of MS Office Suite)

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There are 4 modules divided into 11 sections in this course covering the following topics:

Module 1

1.  Accounting and Business (MRA)

2.  The Balance Sheet

3.  Analyzing Changes in Financial Position

Module 2

4.  The Simple Ledger

5.  The Expanded Ledger

6.  The Journal and Source Documents

Module 3

7.  Posting

8.  Completing the Accounting Cycle

Module 4

9.  Accounting for a Merchandising Business

10. Modifying Accounting Systems

11. Business Organization and Decision Making

Each module will require approximately 25 - 30 hours to complete.

There are objectives listed at the beginning of each lesson that you will be expected to know at the conclusion of that lesson. Section assignments appear at the end of each section. You will be
tested at the end of each module. The module tests are taken online and require a proctor.

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