Sustainable Resources 12 (Mining) Online

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Sustainable Resources 12 (Mining) Online
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D Miller
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Mining is the 3rd largest industry in British Columbia, after manufacturing and construction, and employs 14,000 people directly. The complex geology of British Columbia has provided the province with a rich and varied mineral endowment, from hard-rock minerals, such as gold, copper, zinc, silver and lead, to fossil fuel resources such as coal, natural gas and oil. British Columbia is recognized as a World leader for its' expertise in this field.  Sustainable Resources 12: Mining is a new interactive, online course from the British Columbia Curriculum. It is designed to enhance your knowledge and expertise in this field.  


Science 10, Earth Science 11 and SR 11 would be beneficial
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No Textbooks are required for this course. 

Internet: student will require access to all the online resources included in the course as well as
for research purposes

Computer with Firefox (internet browser) and Firstclass (FVDES email)

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Module 1:  Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources in British Columbia

Section 1 – Importance of Mining in B.C. and Canada
Section 2 – Impact of Hydrocarbon and Mineral Extraction on Global Development and International Issues
Section 3 – Geological Survey of Canada
Section 4 - Resource Exploration and Development of Canada and B.C.
Section 5 - Canada's Resources in the World Markets
Section 6 - Careers in Mining

Module 2:  Geology and Exploration

Section 1 – Exploration Techniques: Hydrocarbon
Section 2 – Identification and Assessment: Hydrocarbon and Coal
Section 3 – Managing Oil and Gas Rights
Section 4 – Exploration Techniques: Coal and Mineral
Section 5 – Identification and Assessment: Mineral
Section 6 – Claims and Mineral Rights: Coal, Mineral (and Placer)
Section 7 - Regulation of Environmental Impact of Exploration, Extraction and Processing
Section 8 - Economic Costs for Development: Hydrocarbon Oil and Gas
Section 9 - Economic Costs for Development: Coal and Mineral

Module 3:  Extraction and Processing

Section 1 – Planning and Designing: Hydrocarbon (Oil and Gas)
Section 2 – Extraction (Oil and Gas)
Section 3 – Planning and Designing: Coal and Mineral
Section 4 - Surface Mining Extraction: Coal and Mineral
Section 5 - Subsurface Extraction: Hydrocarbon, Coal and Mineral
Section 6 - Processing

Module 4:  Sustainability and Environmental Issues

Section 1 – Environmental Assessments
Section 2 – Site Reclamation
Section 3 – Future Resource Development

Module 5:  Mining Opportunities and Challenges

Section 1 – New Extraction and Processing Methods
Section 2 – Environmental Issues
Section 3 – Future Mining Extraction


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