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Family Studies 12 Online
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Hayes, S
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 The aim of Families in Society is to provide a broad overview of Families in a Changing World; Living in a Family; Facing Family Challenges; and Career Opportunities. Students examine how changes in society impact the definition of family and the functions of the family, as well as explore family trends in Canada and family customs and traditions in different cultures. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of family members, family values, and the influence of family dynamics. Students will also understand the economic, social, and emotional issues facing families today and practical strategies for coping with those challenges. Students will conclude this course be researching careers associated with the family in society.

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Must have access to the Internet

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Module 1:  Family in Society 

Section 1: Families in a Changing World   

 Lesson A: Definitions of Family

 Lesson B:  Functions of a Family

 Lesson C: Family Structures

 Lesson D: Family Customs

 Lesson E: Current Trends in Canadian Families

Section 2: Living in a Family  

 Lesson A: Families in a Changing World

 Lesson B: Factors that Influence Family Dynamics

 Lesson C: Personal & Family Values

Section 3: Facing Family Challenges  

 Lesson A: Facing Family Challenges

 Lesson B: Show Me the Money

 Lesson C: Care Giving

Module 1 Project

Module 1 Test


Module 2:  Interpersonal & Family Relationships

Section 1: Effective Communication

  Lesson A: Types of Communication 

  Lesson B: Skills for Effective Communications 

  Lesson C: Effective Communications in Different Situations

Section 2: Relationships 

  Lesson A: Forming Relationships 

  Lesson B: Committed Relationships

  Lesson C: Relationships End

Section 3: Wellness & Safety in Interpersonal Relationships

  Lesson A: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships 

  Lesson B: Wellness & Safety in Relationships 

Module 2 Test

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