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Family Studies 11 Online
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S Hayes
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Family Studies 11 focuses on Adulthood and Housing and Living Arrangements.  You will explore the concept of adulthood and how it has changed as society has changed.  You will also examine the evolution of housing and the role it places in meeting physical, social and emotional needs of families. You will also consider how housing needs change as we get older and the implications age can have on where and how we live.  The concept of "family" has changed over time.  How we define family today is very different than how it would have been defined 100 years ago. Think about your concept of "family" as you start to explore the concept in this course.

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Must have access to the Internet.

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1: Adulthood

Section 1: Transition to Adulthood

  Lesson A: Definitions of Adulthood

  Lesson B: Roles & Responsibilities of Adulthood

  Lesson C: Beliefs & Myths about Aging

Section 2: Ages & Stages of Adulthood

  Lesson A: Stages of Adulthood

  Lesson B: Physical Changes in Adulthood

  Lesson C: Medical Conditions

  Lesson D: Cognitive Changes in Adulthood

  Lesson E: Socio-Emotional Changes in Adulthood

  Lesson F: The Final Stages

Section 3: Balancing Life Changes

  Lesson A: Keys to Successful Aging

  Lesson B: Personal Health & Well-Being

  Lesson C: Health Screening

  Lesson D: Financial Health

  Lesson E: A Good Death

Section 4: Meeting the Challenge

  Lesson A: Determinants of Health

  Lesson B: Age Friendly Communities

  Lesson C: Community Support & Health

Module 1 Project


2:  Housing and Living Environments

Section 1: Housing and Society

  Lesson A: The Evolution of Housing

  Lesson B: Housing and the Environment

  Lesson C: Government and Housing

Section 2: Establishing Independent Living

  Lesson A: Housing Options

  Lesson B: Costs of Independent Living

  Lesson C: Home Maintenance and Safety

Section 3: Design for Living  

  Lesson A: Elements and Principles of Design

  Lesson B: Floor Plans

  Lesson C: Selecting Interior Products

  Lesson D: Putting It All Together

Module 2 Test

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