Science & Technology 11 Paper

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Science & Technology 11 Paper
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D Miller
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Have you ever wondered how scientists can solve a murder by analyzing clues at a crime scene?  How a 400,000-kilogram airplane can fly through the air?  Or, how devices such as the cell phone and the computer have transformed the way we communicate?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this course will answer these questions and many more.  In this course students will develop an understanding of the connection between science and technology and how they impact society and the environment.  The thought-provoking topics and engaging multimedia will capture students’ imaginations, hold their attention, and arouse an interest in the study of science and technology.

There are no tests in this course.  Students are graded on send-in assignments

It is recommended that students complete: Grade 10
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Natural Resources and the environment CD 

Transportation CD 

Forensics CD

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Module 1: Natural Resources &
The Environment

In this module students will learn about some of the technologies available to extract process, and use natural resources in British Columbia.  The need for effective management of resources and the issues related to their impact on the environment is also discussed.  The effects of mountain pine beetles on the BC forests will also be examined.

Section 1: Major Resources of BC

Section 2: Resource Extraction

Section 3: The Impact of Society on Resource Management

Section 4: The impact of Technologies on the Environment


Module 2: Personal Technologies

We live in a world full of gadgets – computers, cell phones, and mp3 players to name but a few.  In this module students will learn more about technologies like these.  How do they work?  What technologies came before them and paved the way?  What impact do these technologies have on the way we interact with each other and conduct business?  These and many other questions will be discussed in this module.

Section 1: An Introduction to Personal Technologies

Section 2: The Evolution of Personal Technologies

Section 3: Personal Technologies within Systems

No resource is required for this module.


Module 3: Transportation

It wasn’t that long ago that people traveled from place to place by foot, horse, kayak, and other means.  In this module students will learn about the evolution of transportation in modern times and how transportation has impacted society.  How select transportation technologies work will also be covered.

Section 1: An Introduction to Transportation

Section 2: A Closer Look at the Automobile

Section 3: Transportation Systems 


Module 4: Forensics

Are you a fan of crime scene investigation shows?  If you are, then don’t believe everything you see!  In this module you will learn what really happens when investigators scour a crime scene for evidence, then hand it to scientists who analyze the data in the lab.

Section 1: An Introduction to Forensics

Section 2: At the Lab

Section 3: Establishing Identities 


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