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PE 10 Paper
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D Chand
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Throughout this course you will learn basic fitness skills and assessment strategies. You will also learn how to be an active and healthy person. Through this knowledge you will begin to understand that physical activity is critical to leading a long and healthy life. The phrase "fitness for life" will take on new meaning and hopefully you will use this knowledge to be active throughout your life.

This is an activity-based course.
You will be required to take part in fitness and activity-based pursuits and record them in a log. Assignments are submitted every 2 weeks.


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Section 1: Fitness and Society
Section 2: Goal Setting and Psychological Aspects of Fitness
Section 3: Nutrition
Section 4: Health and Wellness

Module 2

Section 1: Cardiovascular Fitness
Section 2: Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and Body Composition. 
Section 3: Muscular Power, Agility, Balance, and Coordination.

Module 3

Section 1: Anatomy - Human Skeleton 
Section 2: Anatomy - Human Muscular System 
Section 3: Common Sport Related Injuries 
Section 4: Common Sport Related Injuries

Module 4

Section 1: Track and Field 
Section 2: Tennis
Section 3: Volleyball
Section 4: Football (Soccer)


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