Management Innovation 12 Paper

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Management Innovation 12 Paper
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C Reilly
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This course introduces the organization and management skills necessary to work effectively in a business environment. The course includes management styles and issues for a global economy as well as problem solving and decision-making skills. The management of business resources is also emphasized.


Work completed in the Project Section takes the place of module tests in this course.


It is recommended that students complete: Grade 10
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Business in the Canadian Environment 

(Peter Fuhrman) (7th Edition) (Prentice-Hall)




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Module 1: Business Organization

Section 1: Business Structure

Section 2: Influences on business decisions

Section 3: Business planning and control

Section 4: Current issues in business management

Module 1 Project


Module 2: Human Resource Management

Section 1: Management styles

Section 2: Management skills

Section 3: Conflict resolution

Section 4: Time and stress management

Module 2 Project


Module 3: Communication

Section 1: Verbal/non-verbal communication

Section 2: Business etiquette and protocol

Section 3: Business composition skills

Section 4: Business meetings

Module 3 Project


Module 4: Entrepreneurship Careers

Section 1: Entrepreneurship business

Section 2: Creating a marketing plan

Section 3: Choosing a career

Section 4: The job search

Module 4 Project


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