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English Literature 12 Paper
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A Mummery
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This is a senior elective course which surveys the literature of the English language, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Twentieth Century. This historical survey is especially important for students who intend to study English literature in post-secondary institutions.


Students should ignore any reference in the course material to a Provincial Exam, as the Ministry of Education removed this requirement in Sept 2011.


It is recommended that students complete: English 11 or equivalent
No. Exams: 
Supervised Exams: 

Adventures in English Literature (Harcourt) (Athena Edition)

She Stoops to Conquer (Signet Classic Edition) 

The Tempest (Shakespeare) 

Major Barbara (Shaw)


A dictionary is recommended for this course. Either The Canadian Senior Dictionary (Gage)  or The Canadian Oxford Dictionary (Oxford University Press) can be used. However, The Canadian Oxford Dictionary is preferable for senior students as it is recent (1998), complete, and appropriate for use in the student’s post-secondary studies. In its completeness, however, it includes words in common usage that some parents and students might find objectionable.


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Course Modules: 

Module 1: The Middle Ages and The Renaissance/Elizabethan Age

Section 1: The Anglo-Saxon Period

Section 2: The Medieval Period

Section 3: Introduction to Elizabethan Literature

Section 4: The Tempest

Section 5: The Tempest (Second Reading) The Language of the Bible


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2: The Renaissance and The Enlightenment

Section 1: The Renaissance in the 17th Century: The Jacobean Age

Section 2: The Renaissance in the 17th Century: The Puritan Age

Section 3: Introduction to the Restoration and The Enlightenment

Section 4: The Enlightenment (continued)

Section 5: Oliver Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer

Section 6: The Enlightenment (concluded)


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3: The Romantic Age

Section 1: Wordsworth

Section 2: Coleridge, Austen, and Lord Byron

Section 3: Shelley and Keats


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.


Module 4: The Victorian Age and The 20th Century

Section 1: Introduction and Tennyson

Section 2: The Brownings, Brontë, Arnold, and Hardy

Section 3: Shaw’s Major Barbara

Section 4: The Early 20th Century

Section 5: The Late 20th Century

Section 6: Review of English Literature 12


Module 4 Test covers the WHOLE COURSE.

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