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Geography 12 Paper
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G Taylor
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Students should ignore any reference in the course material to a Provincial Exam, as the
Ministry of Education removed this requirement in Sept 2011.



It is recommended that students complete: Social Studies 11
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Gaia: An Atlas of Planet Management (Doubleday) 

Geography: Our Physical and Human Resources (Irwin)

Module 1 Source File

Module 2 Source File 

Module 3 Source File

Module 4 Source File 

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Module 1:

Section 1: The Nature of Geography; Interrelationships; Location; The Nature of Place; Regions; Movement

Section 2: The Environment; Ecosystems; Technology and the Environment; Equatorial Rainforest Management

Section 3: The Atmosphere; Atmospheric Temperature; The Mass-energy Exchange; The Atmosphere in Motion

Section 4: Weather; Humidity and Clouds; Precipitation; North American Air Masses; The Weather Map; Predicting Weather Extremes

Section 5: Climate Elements and Controls; Climatic Zones; Climates of the Pacific Rim; Microclimates


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2:

Section 6: The Nature and Composition of the Lithosphere; Mineral and Energy Resources; Mapping the Earth’s Surface

Section 7: Tectonic Processes; Shaping the Earth; Volcanoes; Coping with a Changing Lithosphere

Section 8: Soil Formation and Composition; Soil Types; Soil Texture; Soil Degradation

Section 9: Weathering; Groundwater; Fluvial Processes, Erosion

Section 10: Mass Wasting; Aeolian and Glacial Processes


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3:

Section 11: The Nature of Resources; Mapping and Managing the Earth’s Wealth

Section 12: Biomes; The Influence of Temperature and

Precipitation; The Influence of Latitude; The

Biome as Habitat

Section 13: Forest Resources of the World and BC; Forest Management

Section 14: Water Resources; Wetlands; Aquaculture

Section 15: Resource Management in British Columbia


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.


Module 4:

Section 16: Predicting the Future; Commissions of Inquiry; Modern Technology and Predictions

Section 17: Pre-industrial World Views; Rare Breeds; Hereditary Management

Section 18: The Gaia Hypothesis; The Waves of Change; The Integral Urban House

Section 19: The Biosphere; The Atmosphere; The Lithosphere; The Hydrosphere; Module Practice Test


Module 4 Test covers the WHOLE COURSE.


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