Foods & Nutrition 12 Paper

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Foods & Nutrition 12 Paper
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This course develops understanding of the role of food in relation to health and happiness. Students will learn to apply the basic principles of nutrition and management, as well as the cookery and consumer skills necessary for the preparation of healthy, economical, and appetizing meals. The broad base of knowledge gained through this course will be useful for further specific training in the food sciences, and will also enhance leisure time and home life.

The course work for Food Studies 11, plus the Foods and Nutrition 12 Introduction Assignment, meet the outcomes of the Foods and Nutrition 12 IRP.


It is recommended that students complete: Grade 10
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No textbook is required for this course.


An optional DVD (or video) is available which demonstrates some of the more important processes taught in this course. While it is not compulsory for you to view this DVD, you will learn these processes more thoroughly if you do.



Food Studies 11 DVD (7540005143) or optional Video $20.00


Supplies provided by students:

This course requires the use of kitchen facilities.


No. Modules: 
Course Modules: 

Module 1:

Lesson 1: Household management

Lesson 2: Breads

Lesson 3: Eggs

Lesson 4: Milk and milk products

Lesson 5: Fruits

Lesson 6: Vegetables and salads


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2:

Lesson 7: Nutrition

Lesson 8:  Stocks, soups and sauces

Lesson 9: Cereals, cereal products and casseroles

Lesson 10: Meat

Lesson 11: Fish

Lesson 12: Poultry


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3:

Lesson 13: Pastry

Lesson 14: Cakes and frostings

Lesson 15: Cookies

Lesson 16: Desserts

Lesson 17: Preservation

Lesson 18: Other cooking methods


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.


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