Entrepreneurship 12 Paper

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Entrepreneurship 12 Paper
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D Boucher
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The Entrepreneurship 12 course is designed to take students through the stages required to develop and begin to operate a business. It covers the personal characteristics that make an entrepreneur, the elements of a viable business, and helps the students assess strengths and weaknesses in order to make good choices about their enterprises. Modules 1 and 2 cover the necessary steps in writing a Business Plan. Modules 3 and 4 help students organize for operating a business and provide the opportunity to begin running a business of their own.


This course consists of four modules, with a consumable workbook for each module and no tests. There is a video segment for each section of the course.


It is recommended that students complete: Grade 11
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Canadian Small Business, An Entrepreneur’s Plan

Entrepreneurship DVD 1

Entrepreneurship DVD 2 


A DVD player is required for the DVDs.


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Module 1: Getting Started

Section 1: The Making of An Entrepreneur; You, the Entrepreneur; The Enterprise

Section 2: Trends—Industry and Business; Goals and Timelines.

Section 3: What is a Business Plan?; Components of a Business Plan


Module 2: Developing Your Business Plan

Section 1: Marketing—Product, Packing, Place; Customer Profile; Target Marketing; Pricing; Promotion

Section 2: Business Operations; Product or Service; Location; Company Profile

Section 3: Legal Requirements; Forms of Business; Legal Risks

Section 4: Financial Issues; Financial Statements; Financing; Defining Your Financial Strategy

Section 5: Business Risks; Mission Statement; Business Plan Review.


Module 3: Preparing To Do Business

Section 1: Registration—Legal; Registration—Financial; Marketing—Promotional Material; Marketing— Sales Scripts; Marketing—Networking; Suppliers

Section 2: Business Stationery; Office Set-up: Office Supplies; Office Set-up: Office Equipment; Office Set-up: Accounting Procedures; Office Set-up: Filing System

Section 3: Security; Insurance.


Module 4: Doing Business

Section 1: Record Keeping—Time; Record Keeping—Money; Record Keeping—Inventory Administration—Correspondence; Administration—Meetings; Administration— Telephone

Section 2: Sales Cycle; Daily Sales Plan; Follow-up

Section 3: Assessing the Business; Business Growth—Expanding; Business Growth—Long-Term Planning; Image.


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