Communications 12 Paper

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Communications 12 Paper
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J McDowell
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(Graduation Exam Required for Students in the 2004 Graduation Program —exam worth 40% of final grade)


Communications 12 will help you to learn the techniques and skills to become a more effective communicator. Reading and writing skills are important and make up a large part of the course content. In addition, presenting information by a means of visual design will also be considered. You will explore reading, writing, parts of speech, non fiction, essays, short stories, punctuation, business letters, cover letters, resumes, media, poetry, visual design and provincial exam practice.


Communications 11
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Module 1 Table of Contents


Section 1.1 Getting Started

Lesson 1.1A Educational History

Send-in Assignment 1.1


Section 1.2 The Basics -Reading and Writing

Lesson 1.2A Active Reading

Lesson 1.2B Parts of Speech

Lesson 1.2C Sentence Structure

Send-in Assignment 1.2


Section 1.3 Paragraph Writing -Topic Sentence, Paragraphs and Conclusions

Lesson 1.3A What is a Paragraph?

Lesson 1.3B Topic Sentences

Lesson 1.3C Body Sentences

Lesson 1.3D Concluding Sentences

Send-in Assignment 1.3


Section 1.4 Expanding Your Writing -Multi­Paragraph, Essay and Descriptive Writing

Lesson 1.4A Transition Words

Lesson 1.4B Multi-Paragraph Writing

Lesson 1.4C Essay Format

Lesson 1.4D Descriptive Writing

Send-in Assignment 1.4


Module 1 Test


Module 2 Table of Contents


Section 2.1 Expository Writing

Lesson 2.1A Expository Writing

Send-in Assignment 2.1


Section 2.2 Good Writing, Commas, Citing Sources, Quoting, Plagiarism and Persuasive Writing

Lesson 2.2A Writing Good Sentences

Lesson 2.2B Commas

Lesson 2.2C Citing Sources land Quoting

Lesson 2.2D Persuasive Writing

Lesson 2.2E Cheating and Piagiarism

Send-in Assignment 2.2


Section 2.3 Media, Noun-Pronoun Agreement, Dangling Modifiers and Parallelism

Lesson 2.3A Media

Lesson 2.3B Noun-Pronoun Agreement

Lesson 2.3C Dangling Modifiers

Send-in Assignment 2.3


Section 2.4 Persuasive Writing

Lesson 2.4A Writing your thesis

Lesson 2.4B Taking Notes

Lesson 2.4C Making Outlines

Send-in Assignment 2.4


Module 2 Test


Module 3 Table of Contents


Section 3.1 Narrative Writing, Short Stories, Word Use

Lesson 3.1 A Narrative Writing -A Generai Overview

Lesson 3.1 B Point of View

Lesson 3.1 C Word Use

Send-in Assignment 3.1


Section 3.2 Elements of a Short Story and Short Story Concepts

Lesson 3.2A Elements of a Short Story

Lesson 3.2B Short Story Concepts

Lesson 3.2C Applying What You Have Learned

Send-in Assignment 3.2


Section 3.3 Story Maps

Lesson 3.3A Creating a Short Map

Send-in Assignment 3.3


Section 3.4 Appiying What You Have Learned

Lesson 3.4A More Practice

Send-in Assignment 3.4


Module 3 Test


Module 4 Table of Contents


Section 4.1 Business Letters

Lesson 4.1A Business Letter Format

Send-in Assignment 4.1


Section 4.2 Cover Letters and Resumes

Lesson 4.2A Cover Letters and Resumes

Send-in Assignment 4.2


Section 4.3 Visual Design

Lesson 4.3A Visual Design

Send-in Assignment 4.3


Module 5 Table of Contents


Section 5.1 Poetry

Lesson 5.1A Poetry Terms and Tools

Send-In Assignment 5.1


Section 5.2 More Poetry

Lesson 5.2A Review of Poetry Terms and Concepts

Send-in Assignment 5.2


Section 5.3 Provincial Exam Review

Send-in Assignment 5.3


Section 5.4 Provincial Exam Review

Send-in Assignment 5.4


Module 4/5 Test


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