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Biology 12 Paper
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M Buker
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Designed to enhance students’ application of scientific skills and knowledge, Biology 12 addresses all prescribed learning outcomes from the Ministry of Education’s 2006 IRP. Maintaining a modular, learner-centred structure, this course uses multiple resources for students to explore biological systems—from simple life forms, such as cells, to complex organic biology in humans. Biology 12 focuses on human biology, allowing students to develop an interest in, and understanding of, science by looking at themselves and seeing how diverse body systems are integrated to preserve and sustain life. To prepare students for exploring human biological functions, the first two modules introduce the biology of basic life forms. Cell structure and function get students thinking about how their bodies are formed, on a molecular level.


Students should ignore any reference in the course material to a Provincial Exam, as the
Ministry of Education removed this requirement in Sept 2011.





It is recommended that students complete: Biology 11
Supervised Exams: 

The textbook and resources for this course are:


Inquiry Into Life (McGraw-Hill Ryerson) (11th Edition) (7540005159) $125.00

Biology 12 Media CD Optional (7540005304) 30.00


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Module 1: Cell Biology 1

Section 1: Cell Structure

Section 2: Cell Compounds and Biological Molecules

Section 3: Transport Across Cell Membrane


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2: Cell Biology 2

Section 1: DNA Replication

Section 2: Protein Synthesis

Section 3: Enzymes


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3: Human Biology 1

Section 1: Digestive System

Section 2: Circulatory System

Section 3: The Heart

Section 4: Respiratory System


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.


Module 4: Human Biology 2

Section 1: Nervous System

Section 2: Urinary System

Section 3: Reproduction


Module 4 Test covers the work of Module 4.


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