Biology 11

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Biology 11 Paper
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M Buker
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This course is challenging.  Students who enrol should be seriously interested in the study of life.  Expensive and fragile equipment and supplies must be handled with respect and maturity.  The student will conduct simple but interesting and thought-provoking experiments.


In general the topics include:

1. Basic cell biology

2. Principles of ecology

3. Classification

4. Plant and animal diversity

5. Biological environmental problems

6. Critical study of prebiotic, and biotic evolution

It is recommended that students complete: Science 10 or equivalent
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The resources for this course are:

Biology 11 Kit A Set for Mod 1 & 2 (JBI11KA3) (7540001182) $111.00

Biology 11 Kit B Set for Mod 3 (JBI11KB3) (7540001183) 90.00

Biology 11 Kit C (JBI11KC3) (7540001160) 60.00

Kit C is for students who choose to use a microscope as part of their course.

A Photographic Atlas for Biology Optional (If ordering this text, you only need to order Kit A with it.) 50.00


No textbook is required for this course.

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Course Modules: 

Module 1: Fundamentals

Section 1: Introduction to Biology

Section 2: The Chemical Basis of Life

Section 3: Research Project

Section 4: Microbiology


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2: Ecology and Taxonomy

Section 1: Introduction to Ecology

Section 2: Ecosystems

Section 3: Taxonomy

Section 4: Blue-Green Algae and Protists


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3: Seed Plants, Animals and Evolution

Section 1: Seed Plants

Section 2: “Lower” Animals Invertebrates

Section 3: Arthropods (Invertebrates) and Chordates (Vertebrates)

Section 4: Mechanisms of Evolution

Section 5: Evolutionary History


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.

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