Learner Questions

"Since my son has been in distance learning, people continually comment on how much he has changed, and how outgoing he has become, the virtual classroom has given my child self-confidence by offering him learning in a safe environment, with people he trusts, (it) has lowered his anxiety.
-Maple Ridge Grade 7
What is distance education?

FVDES is one fifty four distance education schools in the province of British Columbia. These schools are under the direction of the B.C. Ministry of Education. FVDES is licensed and accredited by the provincial government. FVDES offers programs and courses that have been developed by Open School, or BC certified teacher and are augmented by direct teacher input in support of the 10-12 B.C. curriculum.

Can I graduate with a Dogwood through FVDES?

FVDES employs licensed BC teachers and is entitled to issue BC Secondary school graduation diplomas (Dogwoods) to graduating students.

What does it cost to take Distance Education?

There is no cost for British Columbia citizens resident in British Columbia or temporarily traveling out of the province for up to (2) two years who have not previously graduated.  All resources required for specific courses are supplied on a refundable deposit basis. Refunds are issued when resources are returned in good condition and within two years of receiving the course.

Can I transfer back to regular school from FVDES?

You may transfer back to regular public school at any time. At year end, the transition is automatic upon completion of a grade or courses. During the year, students may transfer in or out of FVDES, and the matching of curriculum will be determined by FVDES teachers for incoming students. The match for students leaving FVDES and entering regular schools will be the receiving school's responsibility.

What if I attend another school, can I take courses at FVDES?

For Students Grades 10 to 12

Students in Grades 10 to 12, may choose to take courses at both at their neighbourhood school and Fraser Valley Distance Education School at no cost.

When can I start?

New courses may be started at any time. Course results are sent to students upon completion of a course. Regular progress reports are also issued for online teacher directed courses. Secondary courses typically average around 120 hours.

How do I find out Graduation Requirements?

Grade and graduation requirements are outlined in the Distance Education Guidebook. Those who form regular and systematic study habits make better progress and derive more benefit than those who try to condense their work into a few weeks or months.

Can I do Distance Education by myself?

Parents or guardians are expected to assist students by monitoring time and work completed. Parental help may not be possible in some courses and may not be required. A tutor may be hired by the family if and when needed. The counselors, teachers and markers at FVDES may be able to provide some assistance, particularly through our new virtual classroom.

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